Five things about me

it’s the five things post! and i’m doing one (which means i can use any picture i want, like this fun old one with fur and striped walls)! thanks to anna for tagging me..isn’t she the sweetest! i, too, do these ‘tagged’ posts from time to time but they are always really super duper hard for me for some reason! i always rack my brain for way too long trying to think through what’s actually interesting and also just trying to remember anything at all 🙂 which brings me to…
one// i don’t have an awesome memory. it’s a bit selective. i can remember certain things really specifically, like disneyland’s layout of lands or when a specific bill is due or the day i got engaged (november 24 2010). but then other things not so much. like where i put things (ugh! sorry husband and everyone ever..), whether or not i saw a movie (i usually know when the title comes up or sometimes halfway through), who dated who (sometimes this proves awkward), etc. yes, so that stuff [everything basically] is not so sharp 🙂
two// i’ve never lived further than five minutes walk (and at one point, a five minute drive) from the ocean. while i’m guessing i [maybe] could survive ‘not’ living near it, i think i’d need some humongous pool or lake with some sort of breeze to keep my sanity.
three// something that makes me all wobbly and uncomfortable is when people talk with a bubble in their throat. you know, when they’re right on the verge of clearing their throat, but said throat clearing hasn’t occurred yet. i mask it well nowadays, but back in the day, i used to come right out and tell somebody ‘ahh! please clear your throat!’ because i was sure i would explode .. what an obnoxious little high schooler was i!
four// i was an english major! although for some reason, english majors don’t say ‘i was’ an english major, you continually ‘are’ an english major. because apparently being an english major has something to do with your person and character more than it does a major or set of studies! because of that, i retype and reformat and rehash and re-edit and re-analyze until i’m blue in the face and nearly somewhat pleased. however, that’s rare 🙂 i’m not totally like that in other parts of my life would know if you saw my closet right now (cone of shame). oh yes!! i also do submission editing for a literary journal in town which gives me warm fuzzy feelings inside my heart!
five// i am an extremely merciful person. even when i don’t want to be—because yes, there are times you don’t want to be, people! maybe this will change up with children (please change with children!), but usually, if i’m going to have a conversation with someone who has been way out of line, i often have to practice showing not-so-much mercy before i go have it (thanks to james who lets me practice with him). anytime there’s not extreme mercy, it’s most likely come with serious discipline on my end. if ever need somebody to sugarcoat something with love and mercy and all that is pc, it’s me! someboddayy stop me!
that’s all i got!
now i’m tagging you (reader) because you’re awesome 🙂 and i’m also tagging you lovely ladieschantal | mariesierra | emmakatie | and lisa because i miss her

6 thoughts on “Five things about me

  1. HA. I'm with you on the selective memory thing. I can't remember anything before high school, really. Also, I was/am an English major too! Look at all the things we have in common that I didn't know about!

    I am majorly jealous about the ocean bit. I haven't seen the ocean in a few years and I have been daydreaming about beaches and sand for weeks and weeks now. Lucky lady! Take a picture of it and put it up here so it'll be like a blog vacation for me! 🙂


  2. I would love to live that close to the ocean. I love the ocean so much. Oh, and maybe I should start sending my posts to you to edit. I find many careless mistakes in them. I think being a merciful person is a great trait to have. I wish I could say that about myself.

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  3. YOU ARE THE CUTEST!!! I don't have the best memory, either, sadly. And as for living on the beach your whole life? LUCKY. It is my DREAM to live near the ocean and some day that will happen. <3 So funny that you tagged me, because I have a 5 things post scheduled for this week!!! You read my mind, little lady!



  4. haha. the throat bubble this is kind of awesome! I will always always let someone know if they have something on their face or in their teeth:-) xoxo


  5. This is great!!!!

    Jealous of your closeness to the beach. It sounds amazing.

    Laughing at your throat bubble pet peeve, because that always bothers me too!

    Glad you did this! Hope you are having a nice weekend! 🙂


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