Saturday mornings

holy daylight savings people, i am a hot mess today! this transition is so hard for us. so fragile is our sleep schedule and these sorts of things aren’t to be messed with. alas though..luckily for me, i had a nice sleepy saturday that is fueling my day today. can you say it with me: three hour nap.

james and i have had dueling days off for almost two years now, he—monday and i—saturday. no, i am not way jealous that he is watching sleepless in seattle on the couch right now (take that back i am + yes he really is). anyways, while i’d love to tromp around on little saturday adventures with him, those usually have to wait for a sunday afternoon or special days off together.
my saturdays are tyyypically filled with working out (if i must), cleaning, errands, buying flowers for the week, baking something special or reading. and if all of those fail, sleeping in and watching hgtv (you can imagine which one of those is the most difficult to resist!). this last one was cleaning + hgtv, which i was thoroughly ok with. and flowers just make everything wonderful don’t they.
i love saturdays and their (usually) slower-movin, let my hair be messy, make my house pretty but don’t care if i don’t attitude 🙂 are saturdays laid back in your house too?

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