Camp weekend

^^ my favorite picture from the weekend 🙂

we’ve been back for a day or so now but we’re still doing laundry, sleeping extra and trying to detox from all the in-n-out + the abundance of peanut butter filled pretzels we’ve eaten (and by detox i mean, miss thoroughly).

i love doing camp with our youth and it always comes at a cost for us (and our team). taking time off, sleeping a lot less, and sometimes maybe stressing out a little bit (and that’s my area to growwww!) but it’s always worth it. always!! to be a mouthpiece or vessel to help a young person receive understanding from god, or something hopeful, or something affirming, it’s the most amazing feeling in the world. so much so that i’d do it again in a second, but i suppose we’ll have to wait for the summertime!

and actually only two or three of these pictures have our youth in them! most of them are us or our silly and wonderful leadership team, aren’t they fun!



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