gone [winter] campin’!

let’s go camping!! woohoo! 

we’re so elated to be whisking ourselves off to the mountains today! james and i and our fearless team of leaders will be headed to the edge of the stanislaus national forest with nearly 35 jr highers + high schoolers. and while i’d like to brag that we’re going ‘real’ camping, we’ll be in cabins with heat + bathrooms + showers + kitchen cooked meals, but we call it camping anyways because why the heck not 🙂

we have an amazing group and for that we are grateful..while these sorts of trips can sound a little insane, having young people that we have history with + many years of connection makes it way more fun and not too cray..they’re still cray sometimes but heck so are we! let’s just all wish and hope and pray that the temperature drops a little, cause at this point it’s more like outlandishly warm spring camp.

what are you up to this weekend? are you a ‘real’ camper or cabin campers like us?? see you on monday, friends! ps. this happy print is from society6 🙂

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