The Oscars

hope your oscar party sunday was grand!

i’ve been celebrating the oscars since i was a kid (family pressure..) and i’m pretty sure a late february sunday without an oscar party would now feel absolutely absurd to me, just wrong. we’ve always joked with 85% seriousness that one day our oscar party fun will turn into renting a penthouse right above the red carpet, viewing the celebs strut the the red carpet in the afternoon and retiring to our viewing room in the evening for a catered dinner in our designer gowns.

until then, it looks a little like this 🙂 …

i shredded chicken, we ate lots of tacos, along with lots of salted caramel chocolate cake from gayle’s bakery (which was voted best santa cruz bakery + it’s not even in santa cruz so you know it’s good ps try their blue plate special yum!). and many a peanut m&m was consumed.

i again discovered i am forever hopeless when it comes to guessing who will win what (even when i’ve seen so many of the nominees)…good thing james fills in for me there. he was scheming and strategizing the whole time, choosing nominees to offset others competing. i was sweating with anxiety by the time the show was over (sounds healthy—right..)!

i also enjoy taking pictures of flowers. there were like ten more pictures but they were all of flowers and no people!? i think i have a problem.

do you celebrate the academy awards??

4 thoughts on “The Oscars

  1. I have never been to an Oscars party and it makes me really sad because I love them! This year I had the flu, and I watched it from under the covers surrounded by tissues. I was the opposite of red carpet glamour.


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