Life lately

happy monday! i now present you with a small smattering of pictures from the last couple weeks! hooray!

now i must say that these are mostly ‘while i’m sick at home’ photos, so umm sorry bout that! but i’m just on the other side of it now..and oh ma gosh, i’m just not built for that friends. believe it or not, even hgtv was a little (gasp) boring! the good lord knew that this week i would need to be better and alas, i am, and hopefully not a crazyperson anymore.
you’ll also notice one good looking little boy up there, and i’m happy to announce that he is our godson! we were invited to be godparents!! he is such a little precious man and we are so excited to be apart of his life on an even deeper level. we love you mister micah!
and maybe it goes without saying that james is very happy about being a godfather, but i am telling you now that james is verrrry happy about it. thus, it came to pass that james life-long goal of being called the ‘godfather’ was fulfilled. and let it be known that james the godfather mastrianna has assumed ‘next of kin’ relations with every hairy italian mobster godfather that ever lived. and may ye all tread carefully while chatting with james the godfather mastrianna, that none of you bring up his said godfather status as there will be much beard-discussion and italian gesturing of hands. and especially don’t do it during the watching of films like ‘goodfellas’ or ‘casino’ or even ‘mickey blue eyes’ amen.

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