Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

on saturday, we utilized our much awaited christmas gift—wicked tickets (ahh! thanks brad + amy!)—in sf! it was pretty abuzz as it was closing weekend so we made a day of it.

first we jaunted around golden gate park cause duh it was such a beautiful day (along with a gazillion other people who thought so hehe). i love walking through the trees. we didn’t spend any money to venture into all the fun little places you can visit (japanese tea gardens, deyoung museum or academy of arts/sciences) but if you go on a weekday morning, you’ll score some deals + even get in free! do that!

we ate dinner at capurro’s on jefferson (delfina was booked, womp womp) and made friends with a very kind owner (delfina can wait! ..but not for too long!). it was yummy but the service was our favorite..we would probably go back just to say hi to our new friend 🙂

then we headed over to the orpheum for the show. we had so much fun, and i know we’re pretty late to the wicked party, but it was absolutely magical..james + i are really into musicals, and i think we forget until we see one and sing with one another for a good heck of a while. time to buy the soundtrack i think!! and plan our next date..although james is gunning for this. hmm..


 golden gate park + silly/typical faces we make  navigating around the city (james saw his market!) 

and finally, we grabbed some dinner + we were off to the orpheum! 

and as always, i am certain it was even more wonderful with good friends to see it with! and my silly and handsome james.. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

  1. You look so wonderful Case! I have wanted to see that for the longest time! How did you like it? Was the story what you expected it to be? I have the books so I should read them but I haven't had a chance.


  2. thank you sweet, marie!! i did love it!! i hadn't read the books, i'd merely heard the synopsis so everything was an absolute surprise! i think the books were much darker (from what i've heard) but i really would like to read them!!


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