happy weekend everybody! a couple thoughts before the weekend begins:
+unlike so many i’ve encountered around the interwebs, i am so so so so ecstatic for the super bowl and may the forty-niners stick it to em! can’t wait!
+i’m making guac + a skillet strawberry pie, or if i’m too chicken, i’ll make my cookies.
+my hair is at an innumerably long length and i might just chop it off over this loverly weekend
+i’ve got a hot  date with james tonight and sans his stomach flu (he’s been sick all the week long)
+i’ve been musing over cheese making today and might just buy this
+and i went on a crazy nora new yorker article reading frenzy on my lunch break. so much. so good!
+and had a lovely lunch break kicking up my feet and watching dolphins, waves + sea otters
enjoy the weekend—read, eat + be refreshed!

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