Travel dreams

serious travel fever people! which thankfully won’t last too too long as we are headed on a european excursion vacation at the end of summer this year! emphasis on vacation 🙂 and emphasis on it’s still a little too far away for my liking. but we’ll be making our way through our beloved switzerland, france, and italy…fritzerly.

we’ve had the blessing of traveling to switzerland in the past separately (and i’ve traveled throughout france + uk with my family, amazing memories!), but are excited to go together this time—and especially as it will be a vacation (some of those trips weren’t vacations). and we’ll also make some jaunts through italy and france while we’re at it! we can’t wait!

i’ve been gathering some of the things we’re excited to do..
cooking classes in france
tasting tours in paris
walking through oldtown berne + fondue
campo santa margherita in venice
and get lost a little!

but i would love to hear…do you have any tips for france/italy/switz activities all you world travelers out there??

6 thoughts on “Travel dreams

  1. Sounds amazing! It's always a wonderful and magical (and sometimes challenging 😉 experience to travel with your partner! So many incredible memories to come 🙂



  2. switzerland: fondue and berne sounds amazing 😉 in the old town of berne are some very cozy restaurants where you can get fondue. or we have one at home. a real swiss fondue! 🙂 you shouldn't also miss the swiss mountains, like gstaad or zermatt. or going on the niesen or stockhorn. very beautiful. and also geneva and locarno/ascona are must seen's. especially locarno. there are a lot of beautiful grotto's where you can get great italian food. and in summer there is a well-known film festival who's incredible. it's called locarno film festival and it's outside on the piazza grande. what's also very special in summer in berne is the river called aare. people are swimming in there and it's tradition to start in thun with a rubber boat and «drive» until berne. and there are a lot of nice lake's. nearby montreux and geneva are beautiful vinery's and views on the lake or in the grisons in vals there is a thermal spring, who's really fun. there's also the vals water from. if you need two relaxing days, absolutely perfect.

    france: places i like most in france are for sure paris. and there are some beautiful vinery's on the country. and lavender fields all over in the whole provence…. i also like nizza. there is a beautiful car drive from liguria, italy to france. the liguria coast is wonderful. and you can drive until france, make stops. really cool. the camargue if you like horseback riding on the beach. but i think the côte d'azur is the most beautiful place to go i think.

    italy: if milano, venice, florence or roma. italy is great! but don't only visit the city's. also on the beach it's beautiful (imperia, liguria). italien people are very friendly, very familiar. so wherever you go, it's FUN! but be aware of the mafia 😉

    if you like roller coaster, there is also a well known park very close to basel (from bern it's 1,5hours to drive). it's called europapark rust. but when you've been in disneyland, rust is kinda depressing 😉

    p.s. i live right on the left site of the bernese picture you posted. i always take this bridge if i go on a morning run 🙂


    Love you


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