ten thoughts

ten thoughts today:

1. we are absolutely tickled, our friends had twin baby girls last week! still elated about that!

2. it is frigidly cold..i’ve never had to scrape my windows this many days in a row, ever!

3. disqus stopped working on here so i had to uninstall!

4.  in the process, i deleted a massive amount of people’s comments. it was so not cool!

5. we ordered a nespresso machine!!

6. for those of you who know i’m kicking my coffee habit, you are probably worried. you should be.

7. i don’t think i can wear earrings anymore. i’ve gone too long + it hurts so bad! tips?

8. it’s been a couple of football filled weekends—we are big niners fans..goo niners!

9. i watched fat, sick and nearly dead, the film by joe cross when james was away this week. have you seen it?

10. and last but not least, it’s been a little weird over here, but i still love blogging, so i’ll be back for more soon.

i’m so glad i have your blogs to read meanwhile..you’re all just wonderful! xo!

10 thoughts on “ten thoughts

  1. GO NINERS! I've always been a “fan by association” because my family and friends were fans, but my boyfriend is slowly turning me into a true fan. haha
    Who do you want them to play against in the Super Bowl? You know, because were ARE going to the Super Bowl this year. I just know it!


  2. oh wowza!! that's so awesome 😀 we have one already but it looks like breville is the best (we don't have one of those)—what brand do you have? did you do a fast or just start incorporating it in your diet??


  3. yay!!! soo my husband wants us to play the ravens, i don't want to play the patriots but i always love to see them lose, so i'm kind of up in the air! and YES..we feel that too 🙂 if i post anymore about it, it's nice to know i have a fellow fan to wax poetic about it all with :D!!


  4. Hi Casey,
    Because I am a stalker of blog comments on other blogs always looking for new ones to follow, I saw you comment on Katie's(Katie Did What) and decided to stop by your blog and visit. And I love it! New follower here!

    Have a nice weekend!


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