on the topic of january

ohhh, januaryyyyy. after the christmas buzz + decorations + many many parties go away, sometimes you, january, seem much too quiet! suddenly everyone’s eating salads again and there are no more cookies everywhere you turn. the alarm seems to be a lot longer/louder in the morning, which makes trying to join james on his workouts quite difficult. and did i mention it’s been chilllll-yyyyy in santa cruz, afternoon naps just seem appropriate (although i’m unable to actually *do* that).
my efforts to stay purposeful are as follows:
item one. i am avidly working on kicking my coffee habit. during christmastime, i ventured to try my first verve cappuccino and i was instantly hooked. i think i went back six or seven times throughout the next three weeks. there were a quite a few side affects..feeling absolutely out-of-body wired and—at times—nauseous, but oh my goodness, was it delicious!
oh yes and laying wide awake in bed for a good hour and a half. i redesigned our studio in my mind one of those nights. it was the most lovely episode of engaging spacial + decorative + color palette thoughts in my brain.

item two. we are fervently catching up on the big bang theory, our friends introduced us all of a week + a half ago and let us borrow the first few seasons. after a leader mtg last night, we ventured into disc three of the first season, and we have the song down..and our dances. i wanted to film james dancing to the intro last night but for some reason—that seems silly to me now—didn’t (darn!).

item three. i am reading a few books. hello dream of dreams! i never ever ever have moments to read!
item four. i’ve been extremely active trying to spend my christmas gift certificates. and a late gift card to one of my fave stores has been greatly appreciated! and will be feverishly spent soon enough! burning in my pocket, that one!
item five. planning lots and lots of friend/youth/otherfamily/family/husband dates and youth winter camp. if i don’t have a coffee smoothie date with you on the books yet, i will soon enough! muahaha

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