back to it all!

it has been so difficult for me to adjust to the back to work, back to not-having-a-christmas-tree, back to normal and back to non-five-day weekends—those were so pleasant! whew! …last night we *unfortunately* took apart all that was our christmas gloriousness and moved around our whole house (which isn’t that hard given the size!). it feels like january now..and that is weird.
and i was so so so really super duper excited to see all of the “2012 in review,” “looking back at 2012” or whatever creative name you may have used for the “in review” style posts floating around out there. i was so encouraged to hear all the things you’ve conquered this year, the things you’ve celebrated, and all the amazing things you people do..absolutely inspired! we’ve all had our fair share of burgers + shakes, too! ..and for that i rejoice.

i’m still amazed at all that happened and still feel so grateful. i felt like we truly got to reflect on the last year together, remembering what we accomplished and what was hilarious and some things that were even a little lame. i don’t take enough time to do that.

and 2013, i’m already sort of loving you. believe me when i say:

we are really looking forward for what’s to come!

i think that explains a little of what i’ve been doing in this last week.. hibernating, nesting, cleaning, watching big bang theory and almost cutting my own hair…yeah that one was more random.. but just getting ready for this new year! rearranging things physically (one down!) and emotionally and prepping myself for all the things coming our way! do you find yourself doing something similar??

and now some pola’s 🙂

see people! 2013 loves us all already 🙂

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