2012 in review

2012 was a good year… however..the more that i thought about it and compiled all our highlights, i realized we had an amazing year! so many things have happened, as you’ll see below (and as i’m sure is true in your life)! looking back, i’m much much more grateful than i ever knew.
i’m grateful because this year had it’s fair share of rough moments, exhausting moments and some disappointments, but you know what…the continual encouragement from my husband, our loved ones and heaven above have made it double full of love, joy and victories. and for that we are thankful 🙂 so with that, we’d love to wish you + yours a happy new year and wishes for a most wonderful 2013! find last year’s review here.

january was full of tea dates, warrior parties, messy hair days, getting refreshed on all our charades moves..and we made a lot of food! we also got to make waffles w/ our visiting aussie friends 🙂

in february, i was distracted by all the puddle stomping opportunities, i practiced self-control in the workplace, we threw our annual oscar party, said goodbye to some dear friends moving to socal, celebrated love day and had a superbowl party! we also had some rough days with our truck.. oh yeah and i realized james is a baby whisperer!
in march, we tried to pack for our move the following month and enjoyed a date in our little village before we moved! we went to winter camp, threw a flea market event and scored some awesome finds. james got ready to go to convention in arizona!
in april, i finally made my return to the motherland when i took a team of youth on a mission trip to basel, switzerland to help out some friends! oh and i stayed in a castle! we also moved…wow!
may included our one year anniversary!! james surprised me with a getaway in a fun little place called santana row! and i tried out boot camp..

june. well…james got himself a mohawk, we had vacation bible school, had a few ice cream dates..
july?? we went to camppppp!! i practiced using my slr camera, celebrated jasper’s birthday, had a couple of little dates, played softball with some friends and had an awesome fourth 🙂
in august, turd mcferguson came into the picture. we pulled an all-nighter, i answered allll these questions, we celebrated james’ 27th birthday (!!!!!) …and a few other birthdays too 🙂 we caught the first  forty-niners first game of the season, wore mustaches, watched a movie on the beach and remembered the day we fell in love!
september: we threw an awesome pizza making party, ordered some food off an ipad, discovered that james is still the baby whisperer, went on a road trip across california to a wonderful conference, took a group of gals to my favorite apple ranch, did some relaxing in the sun and sat *behind home plate* to watch the world series winning giants play (no no, it wasn’t a playoff game!). i also remembered this.

in october, we made the most of autumn by picking lots of pumpkins, playing at our favorite berry farms and taking a trip to orange county to be with family + watch our friends get hitchedswiss family came into town and we encouraged the growing of james beard of glory. i also had a weekend away with the ladies and helped party it up with my dear friend who’s preggy with twinsies! i also got a little sick and won a cute necklace 🙂

in november, i celebrated my twenty-fifth birthday, moved into a new apartment + painted it dark blue {a dream come true!}, threw a party for our newly engaged friends and had thanksgiving not once, but twice!
…and one of them included a talent show 🙂

in december, we celebrated all that is christmas and made a few different trips up to the city! i also had a day to rest while i figured out the mystery that is my secret santa! we also had fun decorating..

if you also looked back on your year, let me know—i’d love to see!

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