All things christmas!

merry christmas (belatedly..) to you!! we have had the week off since christmas so there’s been lots of after christmas activities + just a tad bit of delirium! we’ve enjoyed it so much and i can’t believe how fast it all went! i years eve is just days away {shocker!}
we spent christmas eve getting ready for services + planning an awesome obstacle course (if i do say so mah-self!) for the littles in our church fam and ringing in christmas day at the midnight service with lots of loved ones…i love the midnight “candlelight” service, even though i’m quite sleepy by then 🙂 day was relaxing and i’m pretty sure we could’ve slept a loooooot longer! we got to spend time with one another in the morning, open our gifts + stockings (so much fun, we done good, people), then headed over to mama’s for more relaxing + present exchanging, and then to aunt ella’s for even more goodness! in a word, lots of sugar + love over there people..
annnd..i got to share with our youth on christmas eve and this year, what was especially on my mind, was the hope that jesus presented to us when he entered the world!! ..thus, christmastime! i had them think about what situation or “thing” in their life where they are desperate for hope to show up, and we were able to pray that hope would come in those places 🙂 i’ve been mulling over that the last few days and considering the same thing for mah-self {oh boy, places i need hope? not difficult!!}.
i love that christmas helps remind me of all that hope + wonder ♥ 
and i hope that it was such for you!
midnight service below! i was a bit punchy but definitely my fave service 🙂


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