Pining away for christmas day..

if you are anything like us, you are essentially pining away for christmas eve + day!! you might think to yourself like we did, how in the heck am i going to last?! a very noble thing to wonder. well. after much deliberation and a bit of brainstorming, we thought we’d pass on a couple ideas of how to spend the next 36 hours.
also. i must mention that the rain storms over here have been particularly juicy. thunder, lightning, ocean roaring rainstorms. it might not be white, but it’s definitely wintry. and for that, i celebrate!
okay. without further ado..
he went to the barber and said “give me the tom hardy.” i mean how hot is that!
naturally. shake your iphone and hit the picture button. insta fun!
have a date at burger santa cruz (which i sooooooooo highly recommended!!!)
well that should do it! but don’t worry—we are almost there my friends!!!
if none of these appeal to you, you can always watch 36 hours of the christmas story 🙂

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