a sleepy day

last week was quite a whirlwind. we’ve been scurrying from christmas party to christmas party (three last weekend) and we’re off to another tonight 🙂 so far, the white elephant gifts have gone well and not too many people have been hurt (see: christmas college group party of 2007..yikes!). we’ve walked away with fudge (deelicious!), vanilla body scrub and an “i’m a big deal” shirt (james was smitten).

tonight is the revealing of our secret santa. i’m ready for it, my friends! while i hope i’ve severely “stumped” the one i’ve been santa to, i don’t think i was a great stumper this year. i used my own handwriting and was categorically “girly.” i wasn’t even too crafty in my confidants. i fear i’ve become too obvious..but never matter!! the upside is i make up for it in that i’ve got my secret santa pegged—i’m certain of who they are..and i’m sure i’ll get it right! muahaha! i’m channeling my inner sherlock holmes if you haven’t noticed.


um. so anyways.

we were so beat on monday and it was imperative that i stay home sick. in addition, james felt it’d be to my best interest to watch the entire lord of the rings series (extended version no less), and so we did. and in my best interest, it was. i didn’t leave the couch *all day* long! i haven’t done that since the long dong days of high school summers, people! ..or maybe once last year 😉

james emerged from the whole thing as an official lord of the rings nerd. case + point: last night before bed, as i was adjusting my alarm on my phone, he referred to me as gandalf because my phone was so bright. he got *way* in check after that {afterall, he is not—by nature—nerdy..nay!!}. in other news, he called me tel aviv {seriously!} the other morning in his sleepy frame of mind…i sense a post about his sleepy statements—they really are wacky.

we also ate burgers on monday, which i felt was incredibly healing to my mind and brain and heart. with a couple flickers of the christmas lights, a couple slides of knee socks and oversized cardigans, i believe i have this sickness beat! who knew!

so in conclusion, my recipe to nip a fever is as follows:
+twelve hours of gandalf + frodo
+christmas lights
+cozy knee socks and/or scarf
+a couch

gone, i tell you! now go nip all your sicknesses my friends!
ps: ..my blog is wider, is it annoying to read? sometimes big paragraphs annoy me.. 🙂

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