Secret Santa shenanigans

you guys!! the tides have turned in this curious case! after a no holds barred, all out scavenger hunt looking for one of the gifts, a few “helpers” came out of the woodwork that may have given insight as to who the secret santa perp is! but then the next few gifts thew me off and i’m completely stumped. and as there are merely days (five) left in this wild chase, i hope that when the time comes to call out my hopefully-not-so-secret santa, i will be fully convinced..
here are the latest:
+a basketball ornament with a scavenger hunt attached: the riddle read something like “christmas trees love these and you + your hubby love it even more!” it took up a good hour of a thursday eve scouring every christmas tree in the building, in addition to every other room that had any potential of a christmas garland. finally, towards the end, the aforementioned discussant (perhaps masquerader) joined and found said basketball ornament gift. that one is fishy from a mile away!
+three-pack of wonderful smelling hand sanitizer: this one wasn’t too obtuse. a lot of people are sick at the moment and james was one of em. obviously a girl’s got to keep her sani handy. nailed it, secret santa. nailed it.
+peanut brittle: to which i say “well played s.s.” pink paper with a highly encouraging note! you’re good. girly? i’d say so! in addition, james has publicly announced that if it’s not a girl, he’s got some strong words for my man secret santa 🙂 husband duty he calls it. regardless, thank you for the thoughtfulness s.s.
the verdict: i simply have noooo clue!

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