San Francisco, Palo Alto

on saturday, we headed back up to san francisco again for more christmas activities, followed by an evening in downtown palo alto for classic movies at the stanford! it was the perfect crisp and sunny day..
so if you’re going to visit sf or the bay area…there are a few suggestions throughout this post, so fyi to the enth degree!!
we strolled around the city, hit up the new nespresso cafe which we love and has a seriously good bathroom! it’s a wonderful people watching place because they have huge windows that stretch to the 25 foot ceiling and super comfy euro modern seating areas! i think our waitress was parisian.
you must also check out britex fabrics if you have any excitement from huge walls full of cool fabrics. and i mean duh, why wouldn’t you!
we also checked out urban picnic for lunch, which was a great inexpensive find (yay!). there are lots of little gems in the financial district too, but urban picnic was the find of the day! i had a great wrap and they had fresh juices, delicious salads + curry to boot. check em out!
i also go to skip down my favorite little promenade pictured above (maiden lane)! it’s a little cutie + straight outta europe!
you have to wander into gump’s during christmastime! they give out the most amazing buttery cookies, and everything you could want for christmas anything..and probably really good quality (read a wee little expensive). but it’s there my’s there.
here’s a baby photoshoot with our godson micah 🙂
and then it was time to go to the stanford…one of my most favorite theatres in the whole world, people! …is audrey hepburn your gal? maybe you’re a ginger rodgers fan.. or maybe you can’t get enough of jimmy stewart? i tell you my dear friends, you can see ’em all here!! and that’s why i love the stanford. scootch in next to the worlds most sweet {and elderly} audience ever for a double feature. it’s like taking a trip back in time.
we grabbed some pizza before—hello have you tried fig + bacon at pizza my heart aka figgy piggy?! you must!!—and loved our double feature feat deanna durbin!
a little silliness..
we headed to the palo alto creamery after for malts, milkshakes and pie! you have to try one of their malts or pie. they also serve a giant cookie! we always make a point of dancing to the jukebox—they have lots of oldies + goodies 🙂
and voila!
happy christmastime my friends 🙂

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