lately there has been lots of talk around these parts. husband wifey chatty talk. talk about house. talk about people. talk about christmas. talk about presents. trees. real or fake. bath soap. toothbrushes. folding clothes. not folding clothes. money talk, which i would like to declare now is quite the victory for us. because let me tell you..we are talking and we are winning. winning sort of finance talking.
and now, a picture for you:
anyways, it’s the type of talk that shouts james and casey crush the world because they’re such good talkers, communicating this and that and conquering all that is family. and i’ve started to pick up on something..
but first, i must let you know that the month of december—for me—sort of goes like this:
wake up and look at christmas tree, become instantly sleepy and cuddly and therefore wake up late (yes, that means no run). listen to bing. eat a cupcake. get ready. go to work. work. eat a piece of chocolate. work some more. option one lunch break—run errands and drink veggie juice (the gross kind) and some berries to set off the sugar intake {supposedly}.
quick picture interlude:
option two lunch break—visit mom and help her make my famous chocolate chip cookies {frantically, i should add..cookies in a pinch are not recommended}, scarf an apple and carrots {we’re still offsetting people}. work. home. dinner. pie. write. work if necessary. house hunters or lakers or andy griffith or seinfeld {currently}. chocolate or tortillas depending on our mood.
it’s not good. i’m not proud. but then again i am. wait, no i’m really not. but it’s whatever.
mmm dough:
so with all the talk and conquering and christmas cookie slash tortilla eating, something has emerged. something i like to call my “pumpkin spice chocolate chip honey bunny” realization. for the last few weeks, the huz has been referring to me by some of the following (these are verbatim, i might add):
+”cupcake delight”
+”love muffin”
+”love cakes”
+”pumpkin muffin”
+”chocolate chip”
+”sugar spice”
+his personal favorite “apple dumpling”
+my personal favorite “my lovely batch of cookies” via text with a row of emoji cookies following.
not only do i go by these names in text and chat, but it also comes along with a slightly cute and slightly wonderful lover voice where every syllable is pronounced and sort of floats a little. it’s just great. i continue to call him the usual babe (sometimes with the “y”) or sweetheart. my my, you might be thinking, not so creative are we? but this coming from a girl who had a minimal nickname household, why this is good stuff people!!
until next time my pumpkin chocolate honey bunnies!

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