The curious case of the secret santa

i thought i’d give a little update to how our secret santa megafest is going so far..
i’m being completely honest when i say that this s.s. business has been a little confusing. one minute, i’m certain of who they are, that perp! and another..well, i’m not. i’m pretty positive they’re a girl (my first gift was a headband, soooo girly!). and i think they’re pretty crafty (sinister crafty as opposed to fabric and pipe cleaners crafty..although there were a few touches of puff paint on my last letter).. their left-handed writing technique attests to this.
+gift number one was a clever poem (native english speaker i presume..) and a reindeer headband to decorate in. i wore it while decorating it in hopes of getting a reaction out of somebody or see someone awkwardly turn away from me. it was to no avail..
+gift number two was a set of dark chocolate santas filled with marshmallow, which indicated to me that it was someone that is closer to me, as marshmallow does not go over with the entirety of the general public (they were scrumptious). 
+gift number three is above—a christmas tree sugar cookie with curiously messy handwriting (opposite hand writing technique, a classic technique by amateur santas..or something to throw me off??)
never fear..i’ll provide you with the pressing details as they arise.

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