San Francisco

we went to san francisco land yesterday; and according to frank sinatra, the magical place where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars…
i agree, frank..i agree 🙂 i love san francisco during the holidays. everything is decked out, lights are everywhere, even the little cable car poles are wrapped in ribbon and garland. the stink that rises out of the man holes is covered over with the scent of peppermint lattes and pine undertones and everything just gets a little magical. it’s wonderful.
we were up in the city yesterday with some dear friends shopping, eating, making friends with the anthro employees and taking an unholy amount of union square tree pictures (it’s just so darn beautiful). for your continued enjoyment of this post, i’ve abstained from including all of the christmas tree photos (there were many more).
handsomest hubby award slash gap plug
grande christmas trees are a big deal in my book. two years ago it was disney’s main street tree (that was the year of the annual pass…sigh, good days people, good days). last year was the capitola village tree lighting and this year, i couldn’t wait to see this little babe in union square. and it was worth the wait, my friends…as were the macy’s wreaths and tree.
ps did ya know doc martens are in style again? ..wish i hadn’t tossed my pair from 2001 (ps i’m lying, they make my feet look like awkward giant brick feet over which i constantly trip!).
and off we went to the oh so classic daily grill! we highly recommend the mac and cheese *and* the chicken pot pie! just look at those things—ah mazing. i had a filet mignon with a bleu cheese herb crust. one word..incredible. what’s great about the daily grill is you do not need reservations (typically) while every other shpot on union square is booked. they are a hidden little gem!
hey everybody in these pictures..i heart you.
and here is my collection of blurry on purpose or also known as casey trying not to look obnoxious trying to get more pictures of the tree!
happy shopping and dress up days, my friends!! what about you—do you have any shopping in the city trips planned this christmas season??

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