i’m sooo happy that christmastime is here!! so happy that if i knew how to turn off all lowercase on this blog, you would see my post title is in *all caps*! little letters are a no-no for these sorts of topics.

and we are thoroughly enjoying the celebrations so far. we spent the entirety of yesterday decorating in some way, shape or form {though our own little a-p-t is devoid of the decor..some crafting and storage ruffling is to be had this eve!!}—there’s been an assortment of snowball making, snowflake cutting, tree trimming, glitter paint! ..all accompanied with a nice hot cup of cocoa 🙂

decorating the main family room
isn’t it funny how celebrating this time of year is almost like a full time job {to which i gladly employ myself!}? ..oap—it’s the day after christmas, toss out those intricately painted/bedazzled pumpkins like nobody’s business (..not to mention that poor, sad, pitiful pumpkin puree that gets itself stuffed in the back of a lonely pantry) and march down to the tree farm to get mah-self a tree. wear all my warmest coats and scarves, blast my christmas pandora, make hundreds of christmas shaped sugar cookies and dream about going to see the tree lighting in union square. it’s all so wondrous.
and speaking of trees, we have to go fakie this year. although we’ve got a little three-footer already, i might pick up this little baby at big lots—obviously it’s much saucier and since we’re feeling saucy christmas this year, it’ll have to do. {we went real last year but won’t be able to this year..i’ve got to be in good standing with our faithful firemen and fireladies, people! moment of silence for big bertha}. so as we’re saucily bringing out all the saucy ornaments (don’t worry, i’ll stop soon), it’s all been real…just saucy and christmasy.
i’m happy. happy about christmastime. happy that we’ll get to visit the big tree in union square to-mor-row and saunter past the christmas window displays (and all the shopping potential doesn’t hurt)! happy about all the buzz and excitement for one special day and one special person..and happy that this time of year just speaks my language. in the wise words of ben stiller, buenos noches, christmastime.
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