Thanksgiving, again

on tuesday, we held our annual campus thanksgiving, in which we host—wait for it—sixty people total (however about twenty five of us are the hosts!)! thus being the first thanksgiving of 2012. the evening is only complete with lots and lots of food, an entire day of cooking and games, and last but not least—the annual variety show, with an opening number based on “one more day” from les mis (snl version).

it was quite the show, my friends!

these are a couple shots from the day of, and at the end you can peruse our chins skit. it might be one of those “had to be there” sort of videos, but i can’t stop laughing at upside down faces!! it’s just so awkward  i love it. you’ll notice james had to keep putting my eyes back on in the second video, it was so stinkin hot under that black-out curtain!! check out last year’s tuesday thanksgiving here 🙂

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