The week of all things glorious is upon us!

eee! happy thanksgiving week—one of my favorite weeks of the year!
..and it is all up on us, people!
in her honor {thanksgiving, that is}, i have done things like shop at costco with thousands of other people, including our own group of thirty, rushing to find heavy whipping cream, cheese and organic flour (cause costco rolls like that)..we may have fit some samples in there. in her honor, i have also woken up early on a saturday morning to prepare a short stack of pumpkin pancakes and strawberries.
and in her honor, i have stuffed my toe mctoepherson into little black shoes with big coats with fur collars because it’s thanksgiving week and we dress nicely and we wear stretchy pants and it somehow fits together. and we wear socks to our knees so we can slide to more mashed potatoes with better speed and beat cousin jessica to the chocolate mousse, even though there’s clearly enough {there isn’t}.

in her honor, i have practiced talents of old for variety shows and guest appearances. i’ve eaten pumpkin bread too many times and if/when people are apt to offer me cupcakes, i gloriously reply—yes and amen. and those are just the sort of sacrifices you make for one of the best weeks of the year. and far be it from me to question those sorts of duties.

i love you thanksgiving week.


and yes and to this handsome man of all men..i love you.

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