Artwork in the sky

the views over here have been incredible..if you follow me on instagram,
i promise i withheld a few of these from you, as i’m sure you’ve had your fill of
santa cruz sunsets and sky shots 🙂 but i haven’t.. it’s beautiful over here!
we have a few things on the docket for this weekend, but hopefully we can enjoy more
of the rain pouring outside our window when we wake up in the morning..i love that.
we’re also doing some thanksgiving dinner shopping tomorrow, which is so fun!
we’ll have two thanksgivings, one on tuesday with church family, and one on thanksgiving
day with family! and so far my assignments are swiss bread and chocolate mousse!
and i’m so hopelessly pleased with it!
i still can’t seem to catch up with this missing daylight thing, so i hope to
catch up on a little sleep too! have you had trouble with it, too??..
so have a happy weekend my friends and be sure to soak up all the thanksgiving
-ness there is to be soaked up!!  i just love the holiday season!

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