Phil Jackson, emotions

okay, let me tell you friends, i’ve had my phases with emotion. childhood was a fresh fountain of constant emotion, i am certain i was certifiably an emotional issue.. but way to be mom, she helped a sista out and i did just fine for a good long while. and then on a wonderful winter’s day in 2008, my future husband would come into my life and become more than just a friend and dear lord i became a gushing, irritable, uncontrollable mess of a thing. ask anyone. bless him. bless those people around me..roommates, family and the like. bless pretty much everyone who came into contact with the mess.
after a few years of relationship-ness and now being married, i feel that i’ve come to a place of having some this odd sort of limited control over the gushing tears. husband has become increasingly weepy. i typically find my tears are reserved for weddings, babies being born, jesus moments, following suit when james tears up (sunburnt heart over here, i cry instantly, my friends) and the occasional peta commercial. well as of last week, another revelation has fallen upon my emotional roller-coaster in this mess of a young woman i am.

which leads me to this. phil jackson made me cry. and yes, that phil jackson, guys. the ten championships phil jackson. former coach of the bulls. former coach of the lakers. the extremely tall, yoga-follower with shoulders as big as mt. rushmore and arms hanging like the king of the jungle phil jackson.

just a little background..last week was a big week in lakers world. coach brown was suddenly fired and the hunt was on for a new coach. many names were thrown in the pot, great coaches.. as soon as i heard the news, i hoped and wished that it might be our ten-championship winning friend phil (one of my college roomies and i were on a first name basis clearly). i was quite passionate about phil coming back. people were calling, emailing, tweeting..there was an excitement. we hoped that phil might return. phil hoped that phil might return. we thought it could be true.

and then, late sunday night, there we are, james and casey, just getting settled in on the couch, ready to pop in lethal weapon and have a little coffee ice cream, a perfectly respectable sunday evening. and we flip on the news and it’s not good. we found that mike d’antoni would be the new coach of the lakers. not phil. so what? oh well! it’s no big deal. not a care in the world..we’ll go on sitting happily on our couch in our new studio. i mean we’re doing great, there’s ice cream right here, people!
and before i know it, my nose became increasingly warm, my eyes grew hot and then they watered! not only were they watery but they were filling with tears. tears!! no no no! a tear shouldn’t be shed for phil jackson, much less, cry face! i’m crying over the nba. i’m crying over a professional basketball team.
and since it’s all out there..i also cried in wreck-it ralph. i think i’m an emotional wreck. are you, too? let’s be friends. what random things make you cry?.. phil? anybody?? now off to nurse ma toe, have a birthday dinner and hug this whole mess out. muah!

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