this week, our company said goodbye to gabe, who is off to exciting new ventures over the hill. these are just a few snapshots. saying goodbye to gabe is bittersweet, but i’m thankful for all the copies of movies and p90x, funny laughs and he gave us our dining room table—i mean really. we’ll miss you gabe!
since we said goodbye in style, we got to try out süda, a new restaurant on portola in santa cruz. and because they replaced our ever-beloved rock of the sea, i was skeptical. service was a little long (we were a grande group, though) but they were nice and refilled my roy-rogers numerous times. they also had really interesting decor, very industrial and clean, with cute barn lights hanging everywhere.
there was also a really cool tree design on the back wall which you can see in the picture below. overall—good job, süda. i also liked the fish tacos, however would’ve preferred they weren’t fried. and the salads looked insane! i’d go back 🙂

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