1. moving into our new flat (it’s a studio!)
excuse the dust (and the blurry pictures) but we’re doing some major overhaul over here 🙂 we’ve gone with a dark blue color for our new studio and i love that the wainscoting helps neutralize the darkness (although I wouldn’t mind it either way!). figuring out how to fit the oh-so-many possessions into one rectangle space is a little tough, but i love the challenge. so bring it on small rectangle-ness. hopefully i’ll have some pretty pictures to show for it afterwards! meanwhile..achoo!!!
2. nursing toe mc toe-pherson

this weekend tmct has been especially swelly, so our friends dance party birthday didn’t help. but you shoulda seen my macarena.

3. speaking of..birthday party for our friend michael!
there was also this, yeah it’s weird i know:

4. making pizza
i’ve been using this recipe to make a simple dough and making pizza more often. it’s so easy and doesn’t hurt james stomach as much as other pizzas! who knew..

5. soccer games in the freezing cold

we went out to see some of our youth group gals play for the aptos tide at the polo grounds. it was absolutely freezing! but totally fun. james and i always lean towards crazy-yelling-but-it’s-all-in-good-sport. there were some people (cough-parents-cough) who didn’t lean towards that there..we tried to avoid them.

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