Twenty-five on the day of the 2012 election

one score and five years ago, i was born. and since i shared my birthday with the election this year, there was obviously a presidential spin to everything. you know, like people voting me for president. i even wore blue and red to work. how neutral of me.

it was a wonderful day. james brought me my favorite breakfast in the morning, with a side of banana bread and an even-larger tea than i typically get (i was amped). i had to work (i’m out of blasted vacation days) but it wasn’t terrible terrible, because this panda cupcake was provided with my tofu rolls (yes, a dessert with every meal is mandatory on birthdays in my book).

it was all buttoned up wonderfully with a surprise dinner/dessert/movie with husby (we already had “other” plans) with special little gifts at every turn. he is wonderful, that one.

and yes. i realize husband and i were really. really. really. bad at taking pictures of us, together…so pardon the me photo shoot right now.

focus new jewelry 🙂

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