Joyful list

photo via kinfolk mag
things that give me joy: 
 36. birthday season!
37. delicious baguettes
38. having a reason to wear argyle knee socks
39. the los angeles lakers (i can’t believe i didn’t write them yet!)
40. hair that truly never has needed to be dyed (sorry about that one time hair)
41. emails from my sister popping up
42. the montmartre neighborhood in paris
43. slow-cooking something all day and the aroma filling the house
44. the song “dream a little dream of me”
45. a freshly done mani/pedi
46. when mr. mastrianna gives me a good ol hair massage
47. and when i fall asleep during said massage!
48. watching old movies with my man
49. especially watching easter parade with him (our favorite couple movie)
50. gelato
here are the rest of these posts 🙂 and why i’m doing this here!

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