Happy Halloween!

these are a few of the images from our halloween night! while i was so gung-ho on capturing all the amazingness that was the decor, but i totally sucked it up and forgot! which is especially rude as we had A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!! a real one. pouring chocolately goodness over a rock wall and into a little pool. there was also a real candy factory with conveyor belts and everything. it was incredible. people are so much more creative than i…i keep those people close 🙂
and ps. i was not just a typical fairy, people (by the way i typed “fairty” like four times in attempts to type fairy..)—james was a sweet tooth and i was his tooth fairy thank you very much! that was mostly directed at all the people that asked me. i talked to a mom who said her little girl was basically developing a complex on whether or not people would know she was sacagawea, that poor little dear!
and there is my big sweet tooth. a handsome one at that.

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