about being nice to little toes

while i have resolved that this particular blog is not a place for too much whining and complaining (i’ll leave that for my sorrow-ridden, tear-stained journal..bah—totally serious), i do have to disclose to you that my foot is currently in a whole world of pain. i’m a wimp, people!

last sunday, i fell on the stairs playing sardines (do you know the game?). it’s possibly the dumbest game to play barefoot ever. quite certainly. since then, my little toes on my right foot (and the top of my foot) have been black and blue! i am still deciding whether or not to go to the doctor as it seems to be healing up a little..but meanwhile i am one big baby. i sometimes wonder how much extra-strength woman-ness god will have to rain down on me for child-birth—he has his work cut out with me, doesn’t he..

and by the way..you know that old saying that you always want to be wearing underwear because you never know when you’re going to have to get rescued or have an emergency procedure and be without your panties? have you heard that? ok maybe it was just our house..but as a kid, that was my absolute worst nightmare (my mom knew what she was doing! this girl always had her underwears)..

well the same goes for a pedicure! ..so budget out those pedicures, people! i’ve had too many eyes on these feet in the last week who probably presume i’m some sort of hobo when it comes to pedicures and foot care. for the record, i have an appt for next week.

anyways, james has been utterly wonderful, with lots of curling of the bottom lip over the top (try it and you’ll know what i mean) i mean, he’s so good at that face..it’s instant sympathy. he’s rubbed the foot, brought things from around the apartment and most of all, held heavy things and met me at the door each day (when i get home) so i don’t have to limp so pathetically.

i mean, who knew that a few tiny little bones in a few tiny little toes could be so debilitating!?

and today. today i woke up on the wrong side of everything. i slept in horrendously late (partially because of a few-hour-long allergy attack in the middle of the night. forgot to grab my lunch and missed breakfast (which led to an 11am jolly-rancher lollipop that was in no way—at all—satisfying). and i wore my most loved wellies (as it was absolutely rainy today).

well little did i know that those wellies would cause my foot a world of pain. i mean it’s kinda obvious (duh casey) that they’d squish my toes into wellie cuteness submission. well not to me..this morning..in my whirlwind of dumbness and lateness.

so i think i’ve further injured my toe by having stuck it in a rubber cage all day long, where it swelled all the more and jammed up nicely. can somebody just give me a holler next time i’m about to do something that dumb? keep me accountable, won’t you?

all that to say..be smart about when you wear your wellies. don’t play sardines in the dark or barefoot. be nice to your little toes. always have a pedicure. and don’t let friends do dumb things.

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