have a happy/goofy/fun {and safe} halloween!
silly faces are entirely welcome and accepted by us.

we will be running around the “sweets and treats sweet shoppe” selling concessions with our “youts”.. which, by the way, james has started calling our youth group high schoolers “youts,” and i actually don’t love it all that much, but it’s catching on and now even parents are calling them that! so..yes, we’ll be doing that.

i love that we make a safe (and un-scary) place for kids to come and get amazing candy and go through a whole wild world..this year the theme is candy factory! people are so creative and our building has been transformed (all for the period of a few hours on halloween)..i can’t wait to post some pictures. here’s a lookie at last year if you’re so inclined 🙂

although this isn’t my favorite holiday, i do love this time of year and i’m excited to ring it in with some candy and the appropriate dishes (which i plan on making soon): pumpkin stew, pumpkin seeds (already had a buncha those!), pumpkin muffins (tj’s from a box=so good!) and..pie!! cant wait for that either.

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