Autumn weekend

a little look at our autumn weekend..
first we went to swanton berry farm and then we went here:
and then we headed here:
then we carved punkins and ate and watched the world series at the barn:
—interlude: sleep sleep eat church eat—
back for more! …then we went here:
and wilder ranch (with the horse named omar):
and back for carving and an autumn dinner!
for some reason these were the hardest punkins we’ve ever had to carve!
we pulled out our big kid muscles..
deep breath!
 i love autumn..
the smells, the cooler breeze, times with friends and family, the leaves, the color of the sky and long drives in the country. and apart from my bozo move of spraining my pinkie toe late last night {it’s blue at the’s serious ow}..this is shaping up to be a wonderful fall so far 🙂
why didn’t you visit us earlier autumn?

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