Oh dear me


happy friday everybody! it’s le weekend, which hopefully means a little extra sleep in the m household. but most likely not, as we have two full days and a lot of pumpkin carving, fall activities and celebrations! so the sleep will just have to wait. here we go..yippee!

here are my friday letters:

dear chelsea, we have a phone-date and i am so excited.
dear rain, i loved you this week!
dear extreme makeover home edition, i didn’t know you would make me weep so much!
dear halloween costume, are you out thereeee?
dearest twitter, i cannot believe you lured husband in. i am most impressed.
dear tickle in my throat, n-o. just no!
dear friday, be gentle on me.
dear mocha of yesterday, mmm.
dear cozy blankets, you are pure perfect.
dear husband, i love you.
dear husband’s beard, i do not want to kiss you.
dear husband part two, i am happy your husbandy smell stayed on me when we hugged goodbye.


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