abi q + her babies

I would love to share with you the sweet Abi and her photographs.
mrs. abi q has been a friend-of-pretty-much-all-of-my-friends for a couple years now and i have always admired her photography, her wedding photography {for a couple of my friends‘ weddings—gorgeous stuff, people!} and just her!
i also have loved learning about her and her husband’s adoption process for their sweet little boy finley (whom they adopted from uganda).
i received an update from her the other day about their next adoption venture, and how i could help! ..so i couldn’t help but share with you because you might be one of those people out there like to help good people who are doing good things in this world, even though you may not have met them before..are you?
here’s a little snippet of what the lovely abi q is doing (her and finley below):
“For a few months now I have been working on a collection of photographs worthy of selling. All profit from the photographs will be going directly to our adoption fund to bring Finley’s brother or sister home. We are adopting domestically this time, but the costs are still high, and every penny counts…I hope you enjoy!”
click here to purchase some of abi’s beautiful pictures.
and for all other things abi q, check her out here.

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