Joyful list

ode to joy—things that give me joy:
24. the smell of rain
25. jumping in puddles
26. lending a helping hand to someone in need
27. doing a jumping jack
28. cute lettered mugs (i have x’s & o’s—anthro on sale!)
29. offering encouragement to one who’s going through just what you’ve been through
30. the start of a new quarter
31. school winter/spring/summer breaks (how i miss them!)
32. the glow of summer skin and cheeks and sun-kissed hair
33. children’s christmas choirs!
34. the sorrow/gentle conviction when god’s shows me something that’s not right in me

35. and the joy when i can choose to live a different way after

find the rest of these posts here and the “why” behind them here 🙂

please share..what things are making you joyful today?

image by hollie nass

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