The force is strong with this one

some notes about the beard
(or glory in some circles..well james’ personal circle):
+growing strong at the moment
+hasn’t scared any small children lately
+was shamelessly caught snacking on popcorn crumbs
+has found increased inspiration from the film argo (article ref: a, b & c)
+is using shampoo & conditioner again
beard coverage, out.

3 thoughts on “The force is strong with this one

  1. bahaha this is hilarious!!! Reminds me of my husband's beard! His beard was out of control when we first started dating but now that he's keeping it clean cut it's kind of growing on me! lol


  2. Haha! I love it! I love how much you love it.My husband grows out his mustache…every year. I love a little gruff but for two months out of the year I get an 80's cop for a husband.


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