swiss invasion!

over the last few weeks, we’ve had various groups of swiss friends and family visiting us. while we have family in switzerland, we also have quite a few friends from all over the switzerland. and for some reason, they couldn’t keep away from us!! ooor they had a fall holiday and are visiting.
my cousin anna and her friend savo are visiting from bern and are here to r.e.l.a.x. it has been plenty of fun finding ways to do that with them..lunch at the beach, movies, froyo—there was a lot of eating. i love anna’s carefree attitude..she’s so easy to spend time with and has one of the most bubbly laughs ever. i’m so glad you guys are here!
in front of capitola village, this beach—for the most part—has always been a couple steps or blocks away from where i live. i love it here!
their morning beach runs are inspiring..and the view..guuh!
partaking in the ever so american bbq, slaw and garlic bread

yay for swiss fam! we love you!

3 thoughts on “swiss invasion!

  1. i sooo agree! we've been a few times, but i was a baby for a couple of them, and i was working the other time! we're hoping to vacation there in the next year…YIPPEE!!


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