They see me pol-in..

so over the weekend, i got a new app that let’s me shake my iphone like a polaroid picture and out comes..a polaroid picture (on the screen at least)! i’m actually shocked i haven’t flung the thing across the room yet. though, i’ve had strange/uncanny iphone blessings (dropped a bazillion times with*out* any case..naughty head, but no damage).
anyways, here’s a couple pola’s of what we “shook up” this weekend!
muah ha ha (baaad jokes)
pictured below: fake sleeping pictures courtesy of husb, a few drop-jaw gorgeous sunsets and yogurtland with various loved ones and friends. not pictured: two (count ’em people!), two movies, that time i slept away sunday afternoon with a stack of books on my tummy, game nights, a 60th birthday party, a sore niners loss and a wonderful sunday morning.
what were you up to??


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5 thoughts on “They see me pol-in..

  1. I found your blog today via the GFC blog hop, and am loving it so far! I love the way you write, and the overall style/feel of your blog! Also, I like that you and your husband are youth pastors, because I'm the Associate Youth Minister at my church as well! I'm already looking forward to getting read more of your stuff and getting to know you a little bit more! So glad I found your blog 🙂


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