happy friday friends!! it’s really here! although it’s going to be a crazy friday, i’m so grateful for the weekend. bring on the gym, movie forts in our living room and some loverly friend hangout seshs!

here are my friday letters:
dearest friday, Y I P P E E!! I LIKE YOU.
dearest fancy hot chocolate, yes—i wish i could have another never-ending cup of chocolatey love.

dearest cozy beanie on my hair, i am so happy to wear you right now!

dearest television, yippee!! you have cable!! bring on house hunters international & laker games!
dearest cup of jo, i support you in your efforts but i haven’t had cable for three years 🙂
dearest busy week, i learned a lot from you but am way so relieved that you’re ending
dearest mama, thank you for taking me out to lunch this week—it was wonderful..
dearest everything of pumpkin deliciousness and joy,

dearest husband, thank you for the “i love you” pencil..muah

ps dearest you, be sure to enter the leaflet giveaway from stylefox- yippee! x&o!!

15 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Yummm I want some of that fancy hot chocolate right now!!! And lookie at you and your cute little hat!!! STOP it already, girl! I just had a pumpkin/chocolate chip muffin for breakfast, and it was amazeballs. So, I fully support the pumpkin everything craze now.

    HAPPIEST of Friday's, love!!



  2. I love your accessories, hair and hat in that picture! I could definitely go for a never-ending cup of delicious hot chocolate right about now! Enjoy your cable for me! We haven't had cable since we got married in 2010, and it's been okay without it but some days (like today) I wish we had it! {tear::sniffle}

    {New follower from Friday's Letters}
    Have a great Friday!


  3. First time stopping by and I love your blog! First off, beanies? Amazing, one of the main reasons I love fall. And second, house hunters is one of my favorite shows! We just recently found a way that we can watch it overseas and I'm so excited!


  4. You covered my favorites! Pumpkins and hot chocolate! Seriously the best things about fall! Oh and candy corn too when you don't eat so much of it that you are put into a candy coma!


  5. aw thanks for your sweet words, becky!! i will definitely enjoy a bit of cable for you! surprisingly, we've not been too crazy with be honest, i'm looking forward to some version of a sick or personal day to fully utilize it 🙂


  6. thanks for the sweet words, kendra!! i loooooove salted caramel hot chocolate, it's my absolute favorite! we just had a target store open over here, so i will definitely have to take a gander and find that one..sounds heavenly!


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