Joyful list

here is my second ode to joy—seven things that give me joy:
8. twirling my umbrella
9. sleeping in with my husband
10. how i feel after a challenging workout
11. using sea scrub in the shower
12. pandora stations that read my mind
13. seeing family after missing them for a long time
14. using a brand new ball point pen
15. my mom’s artwork
16. artists who snap in their music
find the rest of these posts here and the “why” behind them here 🙂
(photo via)

please share! what’s giving you joy today?

2 thoughts on “Joyful list

  1. Hi Casey! I'm a new follower from the GFC blog hop!

    I love that picture with the umbrellas!! Did you take it?

    I love your joy list, too. I agree with all of them except for the ball point pen. I'm more of a #2 pencil kind of girl. But I really love it when they have fresh erasers and an extra sharp point. ;o)


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