Southern California

because i could divy up this our mini-vacay into a thousand more posts,
here’s just a taste of our time with the fam…can we go back already?
we miss them! {see the rest of our trip here and here}
+late night board games
+slater’s 50/50 burger trip- yum!
+watching kendall & newport mesa win their softball game!
+sibling photo shoots (oh dear, hilarious)
+james whooping a special somebody at ping-pong
+running on the back bay
+james taking niece kendall/friends to school
+lots of laughing
+too many pumpkin candies
+halibut cooked by brother-in-law chad (yum)
on our way to slater’s 50/50, who are famous for their bacon/beef patties. whoa.
crazy times in the car and tyler attempting to ruin our photoshoot 🙂
sibling photo! baby brother with older sisters jess and sessy
chad + sessy with us. we miss them!
nephew tyler
of course niece kendall’s team won! our little slugger.

kendall’s a whiz at fishtail braids, while we wait for the dolphins game to end.
we love you, fam!

8 thoughts on “Southern California

  1. Awww looks so fun! Kendall is such a cutie : ) I love going home for time with the family! AND I'm getting caught up on your blog – congrats on your necklace win – sooo cute! You're rocking it : ) And I love your nighttime routines and cartoon voices. Also, I'm slightly disappointed because lately it seems when I get behind on my fave blogs and I go back to check them, people are making big announcements about babies…and I didn't see one like that here ; )


  2. slaters 50/50! i've heard so many things about it. i sure hope you didnt have a heart attack, just looking at that menu online about gave me one! i need details, was it incredible?


  3. *almost* had a heart attack! i'm serious, we were splurging that weekend and totally tried the super naughty-foods—that we would usually pass up—cause the fam said it was so delish..and it was!!

    we shared the vampire dip and onion rings with everyone and hubs and i split our own made-by-us burger. BAM so good. some of the burger options were really crazy/creative—like the pb&j burger..YEAH seriously! but we wanted to make our own and it was pure yum.

    you should go!!


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