A wedding

last saturday, we attended a sweet little wedding for james roommate of three-and-a-half years {from back in the day}! nathan and melinda married at the sweetest little stone-adorned (with arches inside)  chapel in orange, ca—it reminded me of the church my cousin + his wife married in when i was in junior high…swoon. 

it was so fun to see old friends, meet new ones and witness such a joyful & beautiful couple tie the knot (yay married friends!). the reception was held at a private residence in the hills with *the* kogi korean bbq truck, amongst other delicacies—grilled cheese and tomato soup Hors d’oeuvres. and yes, the waitress and i were on a first name basis for that one.

side note.. james took me by his old high school (which was strangely wide open for us to visit!).. we also drove by his old house & drove down main street in little old town orange (which is so cute). memory lane can be so fun..and strange. but it was cool to put a setting to all his stories.

james and his good buddy gabe & some very addictive pumpkin candies #shoot
ahhh happy moments! and a gorgeous dress..
tassles, people! love this creative dessert table.
just typical behavior 🙂

the gorgeous first dance. you’ll notice the bride & groom looking at me taking this picture. that’s because james & i were on the sidelines like two obsessive parents taking pictures & videos w/ our iphones.

so that’s nathan and melinda giggling at us. oh gawsh.

hooray for love
and congrats to our friends!

4 thoughts on “A wedding

  1. Very fun! I am STILL waiting on one of my friends to get married; I haven't been to a single wedding!! Thankfully I have two to go to next year – about time!! That dessert table is seriously beautiful. I love those tassles!


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