Joyful list

count your joys instead of your woes, 
count your friends instead of your foes.
-irish proverb

are you a pessimist sometimes?..yeah, me too.

i think it’s just part of my makeup to look at things that need to be fixed so I can be on my way to fixing them or getting help so it gets taken care of. however some things aren’t fixed in a blink. and i can’t take my little wand everywhere and wiggle my nose so all the sad stuff goes away.
in the process of hard stuff, i can easily get caught up and miss all the wonderful things happening all around me.
my friend recently read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Voskamp writes in view of the apostle Paul {“In everything give thanks” 1 Thess 5:18} and King Solomon {“He will not often consider the years of his life, because God keeps him occupied with the gladness of his heart” Ecc 5:20}.
my friend is using facebook as a space to—every day—post pieces of her list of one thousand gifts that she’s grateful for. it’s been totally inspiring to me..
and as a practice to remember these things, i’m going to begin counting my joys {instead of my woes} in the form of little lists. i’m not wanting to claim ignorance to what’s hard, but knowing all of that, still have an outlook of joy.
in one year, whether on this blog, a piece of paper on my wall or just in my heart, i hope to have a list  of gifts i can recognize in my life. & that’s more gifts than i know about right now 🙂
here is my first ode to joy—seven things that that bring me joy:
1. a good god that i love and loves me too
2. a wonderful husband who’s my best friend
3. and generous, loving, funny, kind and handsome
4. my family (yes, all of you! ..the whole enchilada)
5. jumping in a pool on a hot day
6. freshly baked cookies (these ones..)
7. sitting in the late afternoon sun on the porch

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