Pizza and Italian roots

do i look italian to you?? i’m totally not. and i totally don’t (think) i look it! my italian is the quintessential italian…passionate, hands-in-the-air, responding loudly and a beard that grows like nobody’s business..well maybe that’s just my italian. ps, i am allowed to stereotype because my future babies will be italians.

so as you’re probably aware, i took my husband’s last name—mastrianna—and i’m most definitely not italian. i was a skorupski. say it with me (it’s phonetic) skor-up-ski. it’s polish. add a dash of swiss, british and russian and out comes a casey. casey skorupski. it literally means villager from the village (unless polish experts have something else to inform me of) but that’s the best translation i could gather from google searches, what what.

i just realized i don’t know where this is going..

oh yeah.

so all this to say that i like to celebrate italian things with my husband. and ever more, we like to inflict nay i say share, that with our friends, specifically our youth group.

so our saturday night was full of fake mustaches, frank sinatra, speaking in our best italian accents and making our own pizza. because that’s obviously the the most italian we’re going to get on a saturday night in aptos, california.

oh and these people. yeah, i love them a lot.

ps dear babe- you were playing nba2k as i was writing this and i’m sorry to say i don’t really know anything you said except noooooo and other things about kobe. but hey! i loOoove you!

12 thoughts on “Pizza and Italian roots

  1. So loved seeing all the pics from your party! How fun! A BIG hello from a children's ministry leader to a youth leader. 🙂 Looking forward to getting to know you more! Blessings!


  2. That looks like a fun night! I married a Mexican guy, being very, very caucasian myself, and people always give me a double take when I say my last name, which, as my Grandpa said the first time he asked what my boyfriend Angel's last name was, “Sounds very hispanic!” And I say the same thing…I can joke about mexican culture because my babies will be Spanish-speaking little Mexicans!


  3. Looks like a fabulous night! The pizza looks incredible!!

    Just found your adorable blog through the blog hop! I am your newest follower. I would love for you to stop by and follow along if you'd like 🙂


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