image of monarch butterflies taken by our friend michael at natural bridges in santa cruz
lately, we’ve had more than a couple chances to tell people our love story, which i always enjoy! something i’ll never forget is how nervous i was with james at the beginning.
reeeally nervous.
even though we’d known each other as close friends for three years already, on our first date, i felt like i was going to {sorry for this} throw up more than once. he doesn’t exactly love that i describe it this way 😉
and if i have butterflies, when they get intense, i feel nauseous! this lasted pretty much the entirety of our six-hour first date and numerous times throughout our dating relationship: arm on shoulder, sitting close, you name it…you’d think i was an awkward tween!
sometimes they {of course not as intensely} come back when we’re brushing our teeth together, or seeing each other after a long day of work, or getting ready for a date night.
i still feel like that.
i don’t know if it’s a chemical reaction to something-or-other, or just pure l-o-v-e. but i love those butterflies; they remind me of a specific time and place. where we were just beginning to discover who one another really were. become best friends instead of just friends. holding hands. falling in love.
and even though they make me nauseous sometimes, babe..you still give me butterflies.

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