cuddle tendencies

i’ve pretty much wanted to crawl back into bed every morning for the last five days. 
so this print pretty much sums up exactly how i’ve felt! i’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the wonderful things that have pulled me through:
+ here’s looking at you husband {thank you}
+ knowing that at any moment, there is the possibility of baking cupcakes
+ clean laundry

+ all sorts of awesome people joining us for dinner
+ knowing that we will be road-tripping to see family in just one short week
+ and there’s a wedding involved (eee! i love weddings!)
+ numerous starbucks trips (somehow, my wallet doesn’t appreciate those)
+ my black peep-toe flats
+ james watching the bttf trilogy with me late every evening as we unwind
+ hearing amy’s handsome manfriend (“in a relationship” status) story!
+ knowing that amy reads this blog (you my girl, girl)
+ guacamole

now go sleep in and cuddle with somebody you love! xo!

6 thoughts on “cuddle tendencies

  1. you need to get a Tassimo brewbot like me. 🙂 I have lattes every morning and I think it comes to $1.50 (yes, my cheap head did the math).

    it's the weather. that's why we're staying in bed. I used to never snooze, and now my alarm goes off 14 times before I get out of bed. argh.


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