ferocious honesty

today, i feel like being brutally honest with you all. duh duh duh!

but anywho..out of curiosity, i looked up the definition of “brutal” and realized it meant savage and inhumane. ummm, yeah..creepy. the only synonym i could hang with was ferocious. so, instead, i guess i’ll be ferociously honest with you.
ferociously honest enough to tell you that today i have eaten quite a bit of my cookie dough stash, sat in thinker position in my living room for what seemed like 129482 minutes [doing pretty much nothing but envisioning where i wanted to put my couch next] and played songpop back-and-forth with my husband quite a few times.
also honest enough to say this morning, i got a little too nervous about the future, thought way too much about my wardrobe and online shopping [so many virtual shopping carts people], and overall, i try to stick to “the plan” way too much. hang on while i get more cookie dough. oh yes..and james and i had to apologize to one another today more than i’d like to admit 🙂 it was ferocious.
last bit of honesty for the day—i had an ah-mazing beet and goat cheese salad yesterday, and if you want tmi, you can click here, but if you don’t, then just don’t. those of you who clicked—did you know that!?
alrightly..have a wonderful rest of your saturday + xo!!
**completely unrelated..i *just* discovered that you can search people’s blog with the blogger toolbar at the top of any blogger blog. did you know you could do that!?!

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