Gizdich Ranch

i love getting to spend time with our youth group girlies!! truly, they are a riot..i think i’m always laughing. and they’re always ready for a photoshoot. since all the men were away at a men-away weekend (or as our church refers to it, “men’s advance”), we decided that it was the perfect weekend for sleepovers, music video filming and, of course, apple picking and pie eating!

living in santa cruz, i can get oh-too romantic about the lure of a city: the skyline, the bustle and hustle and the crazy amounts of different people from all over the place. hoooowever. i love all the farms (read: cheese, berries, apples, artichokes or my personal fave- avocados, people!), local independent businesses, long stretches of coastal views…yes, those things are wonderful.

we try not to take these places for granted…and we love gizdich ranch! the ranch has fields and fields of apple trees, a wonderful barn + store where you can buy all sorts of wonderful pies (or just a slice), fresh apple juice (the best!), frozen apple jucie or just picnic in the back on the soft grass under the big shady trees. it’s just south of santa cruz so it’s not too far of a jaunt, and because it’s a little bit higher than sea level, the sun beats on a whole ‘notha level so be sure to wear some sunblock!

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